Congrats To All Of ISC’s 2021 Promotion Winners!

20 FOR 20 (May 2021)

“Remember Days” by Ademar Stones (KinetiX) – Edenderry, Ireland

CUT THE CORD (July 2021)

“Oil & Water” by Mitchell King, Mark Lizotte (Mitch King) – Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
“Pilot Of Your Dreams” by Lalo Crane, Kyler England, Adrianne Gonzalez (Freckleland) – Los Angeles, CA, USA
“Song For Crumbles (John Abercrombie)” by Bruce Gertz (Bruce Gertz Quintet) – Melrose, MA, USA

10 DAYS OF SUMMER (July 2021)

Day One: “Antares” by Shunzo Ohno (Shunzo Ohno) – Gifu, Japan
Day Two: “Shadow” by Tyler Leggat (Leggacy) – Atlanta, GA, USA
Day Three: “No One Can Take Away” by Cozi Vancil, Ezra Vancil (Cozi Anda Flounder) – Dallas, TX, USA
Day Four: “Scotch Ft. Chelsea D.E. Johnson” by Michael Wilford, Joshua Litton, Colleen Eccleston (Michael Wilford) – Victoria, BC, Canada
Day Five: “Still High” by Holly Jade, Robert Townsend (Holly Jade) – Perth, WA, Australia
Day Six: “Control” by Mikalyn Hay, Chris Grey (MIKALYN) – Guelph, ON, Canada
Day Seven: “New York, Queens” by arlo (arlo) – Dallas, TX, USA
Day Eight: “Fight Or Flight” by Andrew Salmonsen (Andrew Salmonsen) – San Diego, CA, USA
Day Nine: “Clown” by Janaki Easwar (Janaki Easwar) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Day Ten: “Weather Or Not” by Charles Fairfield (Charles Fairfield) – L’ange-Gardien, QC, Canada

DEMO YOUR LYRICS (August 2021)

“Through A Mountain” by Kerri Shore (Kerri Shore) – New York, NY, USA

Runner Ups:
“A Man Should Own Land” by Scot Robinson (Scot Free Sessions) – Edmonton, AB, Canada
“Before Your Flame Burns Out” by Laura Reilly (Lauvrie) – Ballina, Ireland
“Burn The Sky” by Susan Muranty (Susan Muranty) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
“First And Last” by Dan Wolf (Dan Wolf) – Seattle, WA, USA
“Just Enemies” by Silvana Stubin (Silvana Stubin) – Espoo, Finland
“Looking Up To Heaven” by Glenn Valles (Glenn Valles) – Mumbai, India
“One More Time Again” by Scott Keddy (Scott Keddy) – White Rock, BC, Canada
“Seventeen” by Chinni (Chinni) – Delhi, India
“Time” by Siobhan Donnellan (Siobhan Donnellan) – Clare, Ireland


“California” by Miguel Sand (The Sand) – Murcia, Spain
“I’m Closed” by Aidan Whitehall (Aodhan) – Tullimbar, NSW, Australia
“WWYD” by Sally Jefferys, Aidan Hogg (JEFFE) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia

ART OF BOOKING (October 2021)

“Goodbye” by Bree Rusev (Bree Rusev) – Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Runner Ups:
“Crawl” by Justin Geraci (Jerace) – Cleveland, OH, USA
“Feel Again” by Giuseppe Renella, Julia Alexandra Müller (Rnla) – Naples, Italy
“Just For You” by Grace Newton-Wordsworth, Aaron Birch (Joan & The Giants) – Perth, WA, Australia
“Once In A Dream” by Ashley Jane, Timon Wientzek, Stephen Krecklo (In The City) – Toronto, ON, Canada

LOVE SONGS (November 2021)

“She Looked Like You” by Daniel McCarthy (Daniel McCarthy) – London, England

Runner Ups:
“All My Fault” by Tamsin, Nick Zaharias (Tamsin) – Brentwood, England
“Maybe” by Assyl Rassulkyzy (Assia Original) – Almaty, Kazakhstan
“Rewind” by Brittany Melody Starkman (LITTLE REDFOX) – Toronto, ON, Canada
“Shine On” by The Vanabond (The Vanabond & Kenzo Rock) – London, England
“Tempted” by Amie Zimmerman (KXA, Zimri) – Nashville, TN, USA
“The Things We Do For Love” by Armen Bazarian (Bazarian) – Toronto, ON, Canada
“When We Were Young” by Simon Rudston-Brown, Melinda Kirwin (Falls) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
“You’re My Gold” by Tara Powers, David Powers (MOUNTAINCITY) – Denver, CO, USA
“Your Ex” by Yaielle Golden (Yaielle Golden) – Little Rock, AR, USA

SOCIAL CAUSES (November 2021)

“Fenceline” by Anna Tivel (Anna Tivel) – Portland, OR, USA

Runner Ups:
“Essay (A Lyrical Essay On Change)” by Stanzz (Stanzz) – Port Jefferson, NY, USA
“Here’s The Thing About America” by Chuck McDermott (Chuck McDermott) – Boston, MA, USA
“Holding Onto Hope” by Wayne Miller, Tom Saffell (Justin Morgan, Edith Elouise) – Madison, TN, USA
“Home” by Jim Stanard (Jim Stanard) – Sarasota, FL, USA
“Karen Carpenter” by Molly O’Leary (Molly O’Leary) – New Bedford, MA, USA
“Take A Little Time” by Greg Morrison (Greg Morrison) – Cranston, RI, USA
“The Voices” by Parker Chapin (Parker Chapin) – Austin, TX, USA
“Treading Water” by Elisha Apurado, Danny Hacket (Eli Dan) – Melbourne, VIC, Australia
“Wisely To Live…” by Tadese Tesfay, Filmon Gebar Rasfigo (Filmon Gebar (Rasfigo)) – Asmara, Eritrea

SCREEN SHOT (December 2021)

“Titanic” by Kiana Meradith, Ethan Hulse, Jordan Sapp (HARLOW) – Denver, CO, USA

Runner Ups:
“Complicated Man” by Ezra Vancil (Ezra Vancil) – Dallas, TX, USA
“Down To The River” by Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson (Zechariah Lloyd) – Vicksburg, MS, USA
“From The Storm” by Helen Austin, Paul Otten (Big Little Lions) – Royston, BC, Canada
“Here’s To Life” by Richard Andruska (Clouds And Thorns) – Hazlet, NJ, USA
“Honey” by Afnan Prince, Sam Cramer (Future Humans) – London, England
“Lifeline” by Gabriel Sanchez (Hope Darling) – Tampa, FL, USA
“Rewind” by Brittany Melody Starkman (LITTLE REDFOX) – Toronto, ON, Canada
“Spend Your Life” by ELKI (ELKI) – Sydney, NSW, Australia
“Stonewall” by Daniel McCarthy (Daniel McCarthy) – London, England

STOCKING STUFFER (December 2021 – January 2022)

“How To Write A Song” by Shane Nicholson (Shane Nicholson) – Brisbane, QLD, Australia