Do you have great LOVE SONGS or songs inspired by any sort of SOCIAL CAUSE?

Now is the time to share your songs of inspiration with the International Songwriting Competition (ISC). ISC’s LOVE SONGS and SOCIAL CAUSES promotions are taking entries until November 29, 2021. Enter to take home some of our best promotion prizes yet valued at over $5,000! 

Please note: All promotion entrants will also be entered into ISC’s 20th-year anniversary competition for the chance to share in over $225,000 in cash, prizes, recognition, and more.

LOVE SONGS: Songs about any kind of love, falling in or out of love, romance, unrequited love, heartbreak, moving on, etc. 
SOCIAL CAUSES: Songs about any kind of social cause running the full gamut of social issues like injustice, climate change, Covid, etc.


One overall winner from each promotion will receive:

Additionally, nine runner-ups from each promotion will receive a mini-press package from BSQUARED MGMT


  1. New entrants can sign up for an account by selecting the ‘New Users Register For Contest’ button on ISC’s website.
  2. From there, new and returning entrants can log in to their account with their unique email and password created during registration. 
  3. Select ‘Add Song’ from the top menu.
  4. Choose either the ‘Love Songs’ or ‘Social Causes’ promotion.
  5. Add your song details, upload your music or provide a streaming link, select your category, and then click ‘Submit’ to proceed to checkout. 
  6. If you are entering the same song into both promotions, you will need to add them one at a time, but you can pay for both entries in one checkout session. 


  • You are welcome to enter the same song into both promotions in any of ISC’s 23 categories, including Lyrics Only.
  • You may enter songs you have previously entered into ISC 2021. We recommend you choose a different category if the song has already been entered this year. 
  • You can still enter a song into the regular competition that is not a LOVE SONG or SOCIAL CAUSE song by selecting ‘Neither’ on the entry form.