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Dan Parsons, Tracy McNeil (MINOR GOLD)
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Mona Lisa

Daniel Davis, Marco Gutierrez, Eric Harrison, Trinidad Leal (West Texas Exiles)
Austin, TX, USA
Hotel Tomorrow

David Bingaman (Brother and The Hayes)
Dallas, TX, USA
Something To Find

Dean Owens (Dean Owens)
Edinburgh, Scotland
La Lomita

Ewald Ferreira (The Clark Kent Effect)
Nelspruit, South Africa

Fallon Franklin (FALLON FRANKLIN)
Austin , TX, USA
Tired Of Fighting (Feeling Like Home)

Jordan Rhudy (Johnny's Body)
Gatesville, TX, USA
Sweet On You

Julian Taylor (Julian Taylor)
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Ridge

Karen Andrews, Jade Macrae (Karen Lee Andrews)
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Digging Up Graves

Kim Beggs, Kim Kay Richey (Kim Beggs)
Whitehorse, YT, Canada
They Shut The Greyhound Down

Les Cooper (Les Cooper)
Toronto, ON, Canada
In The Morning

Loren Kate (Loren Kate)
Aldinga Beach, SA, Australia
One Of These Days

Myron Elkins (myron elkins)
Otsego, MI, USA
Hands To Myself

Otis Kerp (Otis Kerp)
Leksand, Sweden
Sky Full Of Rockets

Sean Magwire (Sean Magwire)
Angola, IN, USA
For The City

Zacharie Riddle (The Hinterland Band)
Petersburg, IN, USA
Indiana Wind
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