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Brandon Lang (LostBoyBam)
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Nevermind Me Ft. LostBoyBam

Burndell Ollie (Ollie Boi)
Shaw, MS, USA
Royalty Loyalty

Derek J Smith (Jamaal Marvel)
Emporia, VA, USA
Day And Night

Fakeer (Fakeer)
Indore, India
Let Me Grow

Kayden Francis, Thierry Smithen (Kaid)
Birmingham, England

Mahdokht Mahdavi (Tahdig)
Richlands, QLD, Australia

Matthew Jefferson (Kemba)
Bronx, NY, USA
Psyrens (Curious)

Mzakes (Mzakes)
Pongola, South Africa
No Goodbyess

Plush Sanches (Plush Sanches)
Atlanta, GA, USA

Rhia, Krayzie Bone (Rhia, Krayzie Bone)
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Me And You

Scorey (Scorey)
Syracuse, NY, USA
Girls Love Rod Wave

Scorey (Scorey)
Syracuse, NY, USA
Love Letter

Swats, Sighost (SWATS)
Charlotte, NC, USA
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