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Alexandra Carroll (Lexie Carroll)
London, England
Annual Birthday Cry

Alexandra Carroll (Lexie Carroll)
London, England
The Sky Looked Nice Today

Annalee Yager (Annalee Yager)
Owensboro, KY, USA
My Fav So Far

Faela Van Deyzen (Faela)
Heerle, Netherlands
Down The Rabbit Hole

Hitha Yelluru (Hitha)
San Ramon, CA, USA
We Are Who We Are

Jazmine T. Bogie (Kingdom All Stars)
St. Johnsbury, VT, USA
Willoughby Nights

Jiayun Zhang, Taro Arthur D'Aronville (Cinna, SH@D0W)
Shanghai, China

Mateo Gonzalez (Mateo Gonzalez)
Los Angeles, CA, USA
One Sided

Meghnaa Vasudev (magenta)
London, ON, Canada
Down, Down, Down

Shriya Jha (Shriya)
Lexington, MA, USA
Strangers On Saturn

Sofia Kay (Sofia Kay)
Toronto, ON, Canada

Summer Brennan (Summer Brennan)
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Yael Danon (Yael Danon)
Panama City, Panama
Best Friends To Lovers
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