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Anthony Branker (Anthony Branker)
Piscataway, NJ, USA
Sunken Place

Bruce Gertz (Bruce Gertz Quartet)
Melrose, MA, USA

Caio Afiune (Caio Afiune)
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Tequila Sunrise

Dan Serafini (Dan Serafini Ft. Emily West)
Bluffton, SC, USA
Nobody Loves Me Like The Screen

Eishin Nose (EISHIN NOSE)
Otaru, Japan
Ta Ta Tsu Ta Ta

Ferenc Nemeth (Ferenc Nemeth)
New York, NY, USA
Folk Song

Glafkos Kontemeniotis (Glafkos Kontemeniotis)
Flushing, NY, USA
All About Monk

Jeff Lopez (JEFF LOPEZ)
Staten Island, NY, USA
Seven Hills

Maximilien Hein, Finnegan Hein (The 8-Bit Brothers)
Cedar Park, TX, USA
A Two-Dimensional View

Melissa Aldana (Melissa Aldana)
Santiago, Chile

Michael Echaniz (Michael Echaniz)
Oakland, CA, USA
Fantaisie 73 Ft. Friction Quartet

Naïssam Jalal (Naïssam Jalal)
Paris, France
Buleria Sarkhat Al Ard

Shoko Nagai (Shoko Nagai's Vortex)
Nagoya, Japan
The Sirens Of Titan

Yuichiro Tokuda (Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG)
Chiba, Japan
Where The Soul Goes
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