Voting is now open for People's Voice and will run through April 3, 2020!

This is your chance to be heard by casting a vote for ISC's People's Voice.  Choose the category below to listen to the finalists and vote for your favorite song. You may only vote once per day per unique email address. Please be patient, it can take a few moments to load the songs for the first time.  Also, be sure to like ISC's Facebook page to stay current on updates throughout the competition.  

The song with the most public votes will be the People's Voice winner, which is in addition to and separate from the regular winners selected by ISC’s judge panel. Winners will be announced along with all ISC winners by April 2020.

Please note if a song is chosen in multiple categories, the votes will be combined. Additionally, ISC will closely monitor the voting and will reserve the right to disqualify anyone who creates fake email addresses, buys votes, or in any way attempts to fraudulently submit votes. We expect voters to be honorable!

***Scroll to the bottom of each category page to view all songs in that category***

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