What's In The Well

by Stephen Randall Thompson (Steve Everett)

Verse 1

Well it’s ’86 in Albany

Friday night bout 6:15

Mom & Dad’s anniversary and Myrese is at the door

Fifty-five & five foot nothin’, sweet as pie, but bible-thumpin’

Everytime we were watchin’ somethin’ she’d come and cut it off

& she'd say



What’s in the well comes up in the bucket

You can waste time but it don’t stop runnin’

Seasons change but it won’t change nothin’

What’s in the well comes up in the bucket


Verse 2

Well it’s ’96 in old NC

Friends are passin’ 'round a magazine

Stuff my Dad wouldn’t let me see so I up & took off

Weird at school for a couple days

Everybody asked why I ran away

I couldn’t think of somethin’ cool to say

So I reached for the same old song, & I said



We haven’t talked since I was seven

But I’ve talked about her my whole life

I guess a good enough lesson keeps itself alive