Drunken Uncle

by Pat Godwin (Pat Godwin)

We’re tipsy at Thanksgiving and only seventeen

The cherry cokes, don't tell our folks, are rum and Grenadine

You know who's responsible for our inebriation?

Dad's younger brother

Drunk at every occasion

Drunken Uncle, he pisses off your mom

The one who buys you beer

For your Senior Prom

Drunken Uncle, sick on the side of the road

Christmas Day, he spent the night huggin' the commode

I’m an Uncle now and have lots of nephews and nieces

I give 'em a sip of beer and they love me all to pieces

I sing them silly songs and tell them dirty jokes

I give them a shot on New Year’s Eve and say please don't tell

your folks

Drunken Uncle, one in every family

In a trio of brothers

The odds are 1 in 3

My brother Jim is a judge

Jack’s a P.H.D

With bloodshot eyes, I realize

The drunken Uncle's me (With bloodshot eyes he realized the

drunken Uncle’s he)

Drunken Uncle, at weddings I’m a blast

I’ll fall into the cake and grab your mother’s ass

Drunken Uncle, I think I’m real funny

But no one laughs, when they lend me a grand

And, never get back back their money