by Joel Vaughn, Benji Cowart, Michael Farren (Joel Vaughn)

Verse 1

Even when I’m walking through the valley of dark shadows

Even when I’m overwhelmed beneath the weight of sorrow

Even when I can’t outrun my fears, and every other hope has disappeared

I’m not alone, I’m not alone



I’ve still got Jesus, Oh I’ve still got Jesus

Closer than a brother, no matter where I am

When I need an ally in the fight

And need to know somebody’s on my side

He always steps in, I’ve always got a friend



You can take away all of the things down here I treasure

You can leave me nothing but the breath inside my lungs

Still I know that I’d have everything, I can lift my empty hands and sing

At the end of the day, with joy I can say



Friend… Who's standing at the ready, when this life gets too heavy

He’s there, he’s there, he’s there

Friend, who’s stood right where I’m standing, So no matter what I’m handed

He’s there, he’s there, he’s there