A Thousand Things To Be Thankful For

by Scott Krippayne, Michael Dennis Smith (Pep and Perk)

Your family, your friends


Fuzzy socks and colored pens


Big pillows, comfy chairs


Ferris wheels at county fairs


The sun, the moon and all the stars


Ukuleles and guitars


Splashing ‘round in puddles


Playing games and blowing bubbles


There’s a thousand things to be thankful for


I’m sure that you can think of more


There’s something new every day it’s true


There’s a thousand things to… to be thankful for


For your eyes and for your ears


Cuz they help you see and hear


For your hands and for your feet


For your mouth and food to eat


Breathing in and breathing out


Blue skies and puffy clouds


Ladybugs and giant trees


For music and memories




Aardvarks, penguins and giraffes


Funny things that make you laugh


Summers, winters, fall and spring


For each new day and what it brings