The Regime

by Bog Bodies (Bog Bodies)

We all know that the regime prefers, not to disclose,

Why the gates are locked, why the doors are closed,

Why the war must go on, why the price must go up,

Why we must not see them, while they’re watching us.


I know a little village, its called Rossport Mayo,

They tried to send ‘Shell to sea’, But sure how could they know

That the corporate lobby was so ruthless and strong,

I thought our republic would have their back,

Turns out I was wrong.


Look at the native american, out in North Dakota,

Protesting the pipeline against the companies quota,

Held their line strong, against the boys in blue,

Against private security and the media too,


So I know that Buru energy, they want to frack the Kimberly,

If it wasn’t for the aborigine, standing up in the way to white history,

Tell me, how can this be? All have eyes, and all have minds, but no memory…


We got Karnataka water wars in west India,

The mob required state relief and they demanded it now,

‘Cause there’s well’s that went dry, that never went dry before,

You know its Coca-Cola, sucking it up from deep in the bore,


I get my water from plastic, its distributed that way,

Its mixed with sugar and oil, I throw the bottle way,

Its a curse of convenience, come back to haunt you and me,

Through all that single use plastic that’s clogging up our seas,


Its a simple observation, of the state of these nations,

The indigenous populations are spearheading the resistance,

A savage revocation, of the rights of no nation,

To consume and to destroy, without consultation.


Are you a holy well, or are you wholly well, x 2


It seems to me, a holy well was here from before,

The rain come down and all around, and round once more,

So bathe your face, bathe your eyes, 3 times to be sure,

And continue on your journey knowing, you’ll be back for sure.