Three Words

by Emily Fennell (Miss Emily)

Three words, In a moment all was won,

It was more than just for fun,
 And all because three words.


Three words, You were more than just a friend, The beginning and the end,
 The space between three words.



But love is a flame of passion,

Fuelled by the heart’s desire,

A moment of good intention turns a man into a liar.


Three words, And the love we had was lost, I guess now we know the cost,
 Of saying those three words


Be sure in the thoughts you choose to speak, In the moments you feel weak,
 The weight of those three words.



I live as a firm believer,

I love like today’s my last.

You hate with a tongue of fury, For your flame is pain of past.


Three words, Will they wound or will they heal, For the happiness I feel’s reliant on three words.