Dopamine It

by Preston Mah, Julia Ross, Krysta Youngs (GhostDragon)

Love has been a bitter pill 
That I’ve taken 
And ive hated 
But I cant stop the way I feel 
it that different 
I gotta have it 
all theses feelings are fine 
But maybe one a time 
Wanna know how real you are 
what’d you do to my mind 
Cuz I never fall this hard 
I wanna breathe you in 
Get a good dose of your skin 
I think you’re right me  
And that’s good feeling 
I wanna drown in this 
ya I could jump right in 
I think you’re right me  
And that’s good feeling 
I really dopamine it 
( Get it )
You feel like summer 
All the time 
I’ll keep swimming in your vibe 
I could stay living here forever 
the way that love on me it’s something else 
You make it easy 
We’re crossing lines 
always together  
I dont mind 
Crossing lines, I don’t mind 
We make it look easy 
just you’ll never leave me 

I wanna know your eyes 
I wanna cross your lines 
If I could id kiss you mind 
I don’t know anything 
But I know when I’m with you baby 
I can’t hide 
what I 
feel inside for ya
I can do anything 
Do I know what I mean? 
This is so 
Ya know I ya know I ya know I