Some Crazy Left

by Will Jennings, Chace Skelton (Will & Chace)


Girl you took everything from me

I was too close

I couldn’t see

But now I’ve lost all sympathy

Now you’re exposed

And now I’m free


You were hot

You were cold

You stayed young

While I grew old

And it’s clear you never gave a damn ‘bout me



I been cryin' for ya long enough

I been lyin' for ya way too much

Think you’re stronger but you ain’t that tough

Took smooth sailing and you made it rough

You took everything I thought was mine

There ain’t nothing left to undermine

Every move you make is petty theft

After all that there’s still some crazy left



Now you can’t tell me where to go

Or what to do

You’ve lost control

You even tried to take my truck

With no facade

You’re out of luck


I’ve been wronged

When I was right

But you thought

I wouldn’t fight

Tried to hide me from the truth but now I see