Greek Physique

by Pat Godwin (Pat Godwin)

I am a true man of the world

I stand here with my flag unfurled

I’m a gorgeous melting pot of humanity

But, one psychical flaw is such a blow to my vanity

I have a cute English nose

Like the Swedes, I’m the leanest

I have huge Austrian pecs

But a Greek statue penis

I'm hung like ancient art

That's what came between us

You liked my Roman hands

But, not my Greek statue penis

I’m no Norse god

Neither grower nor shower

I have a pint-size package

Like that javelin thrower

Go ahead take a peek

At my tiny little Greek physique

I have a strong Irish liver

And a Japanese-like genius

A big American gut

And a Greek statue penis

Salty, Brazilian nuts

And a Greek statue penis

I have a Greek Physique